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Logo de la chaîne télégraphique ethicswithmridulpurohit - ETHICS with MRIDUL PUROHIT
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To address preparation related Queries and share specific content in ETHICS.
Aim is NOT to overload you with content - rather share some good experiences which will help you all in the form of mindmaps etc.
Mridul Purohit (Founder , Chrome IAS)

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Les derniers messages

2022-08-25 11:56:57 Last few days for Mains 2022

Mains is easier than any other stage of this Exam.

This simple message can help you clear your head of any unwanted thoughts.

Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself. Stop fearing.

Just focus on doables.
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2022-08-17 10:26:53 As discussed in Ethics classes - the Govt's recent decision shows the empathetic attitude towards Refugees. Now should put to rest - any confusion regarding the Dilemma in case of Refugee Rehab.
224 views07:26
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2022-08-17 10:26:53
In a landmark decision all Rohingya Refugees will be shifted to EWS flats in Delhi. They will be provided basic amenities, UNHCR IDs & round-the-clock Police protection.

India respects & follows UN Refugee Convention 1951 & provides refuge to all, regardless of their race, religion or creed.
228 views07:26
Ouvert / Commentaire
2022-08-15 05:23:33
Let's get Independence from the chains that we have created for ourselves, let's get Independence from narrow mindedness and last but not the least, let's get Independence from the myths and everything that is holding back us to become a better Individual.
276 views02:23
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2022-08-12 05:33:17 CSE MAINS 2022

One who is able to cope up with the last time anxiety and exam pressure would emerge as successful.

And much of it depends on your MINDSET.

A Defeatist mindset cannot save an Intelligent Person.

Few Tips

1. Start Consolidation
2. Write broad requirements in one paper
3. Keep doing Mental Rehearsal
4. Doze of positivity is a must.
5. Avoid over-thinking
6. Focus on Action more than on Result
7. Meet someone who can direct you towards success.
8. Talk to someone who gives you mental peace ( not emotional:) )
9. Some Answer Writing is Important to know the approach - DON'T IGNORE.
10. Jo Maine padha Hai woh selection ke liye paryapt Hai - ye sochna bohat jaruri Hai

Nothing Worth; Comes Esay.
Keep going. Stay Blessed.
488 views02:33
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2022-08-05 19:30:26
668 views16:30
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2022-07-31 12:06:34
159 views09:06
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2022-07-31 09:33:01
Good one.
This is the first step in making oneself orderly and organized.

Always leave the things you would want to get them at the first place.
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2022-07-29 07:34:19
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2022-07-20 05:52:17
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