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Ben Geskin

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Tech Enthusiast 📱🕶 Content Creator 🎬 Concept Designer 🖥

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2023-07-06 12:05:22
How about ?
Let’s check together
681 viewsBen Geskin, 09:05
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2023-07-06 11:50:43
Samsung just announced the Unpacked event on July 26 for the Fold 5 and Flip 5!

You can sign up with your email now to get $50 in Samsung Credit when you pre-order
761 viewsBen Geskin, 08:50
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2023-07-04 12:06:13
Nothing Phone (2) in white and gray

What do you think about the new gray color and the new Glyph Interface?
1.8K viewsBen Geskin, 09:06
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2023-07-03 22:55:22
Nothing Phone (1) in black vs Nothing Phone (2) in gray

I think the right one looks more polished and just better

via @MKBHD new video

2.1K viewsBen Geskin, 19:55
Ouvert / Commentaire
2023-07-01 21:52:51
I've been thinking about getting some kind of iMac stand for a long time, to get the display at the right eye level. And today in IKEA I stumbled upon a pretty nice stand and decided to give it a try. It's unusual for me, but ok, display is now at the right height
2.6K viewsBen Geskin, 18:52
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2023-06-09 12:11:47 I've put together every frame showing the Apple Vision Pro in first person from the WWDC 2023 keynote. Enjoy!

1.2K viewsBen Geskin, 09:11
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2023-06-08 22:54:01
Yeah, we are in the future
1.7K viewsBen Geskin, 19:54
Ouvert / Commentaire
2023-06-06 21:41:51
Ok, Apple Vision Pro is getting better and better
2.4K viewsBen Geskin, 18:41
Ouvert / Commentaire
2023-06-06 13:58:44 Apple Vision Pro first impressions

+ Eye tracking is sick. Magical. Super impressive
+ Gestures are intuitive, responsive
+ The passthrough is the best I’ve ever seen in a headset - stereo, sharp, real time
+ Display is very sharp. Felt like 120Hz

- It’s heavy
- No haptics
- 2 hours of battery life
- It’s very expensive

Scott Stein (CNET)
+ The passthrough video quality is really, really good
+ Interface was surprisingly fluid
+ Gestures are easy and intuitive
+ All looked really crisp, resolution and brightness of the display was surprising
+ Cinema demo is shocking. It felt like a movie experience
+ The gap between my own everyday vision and Apple's passthrough cameras was closer than expected

Nilay Patel (The Verge)
+ Incredibly impressive displays and video passthrough
+ Happily using phone to take notes while wearing the Vision Pro
+ Highest-resolution VR display I have ever seen
+ The video passthrough appeared with zero latency and was sharp, crisp, and clear
+ eye tracking was pretty solid

- No killer app

Brian Tong
+ Eye tracking, gestures, UI and UX is really nice and smooth
+ 3D recorded video from the headset looked incredible
+ Clarity and fidelity is unlike anything I’ve seen before
+ FaceTime with 3D Spatial Persona looks really good
+ Movie watching you feel like in a movie theater, clean and immersive
+ Apple Immersive Video (180-degree 3D 8K recordings with Spatial Audio) NBA, soccer, concert, documentary. It makes you feel something

- A little heavy on face. Not light headset. You feel the weight.
2.7K viewsBen Geskin, edited  10:58
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2023-06-05 19:47:38
2.5K viewsBen Geskin, 16:47
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